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What is LASEK?

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LASIK is, of course, very well-known among Binghamton-area patients looking for an eye doctor to help them achieve dramatic vision correction. However, it’s not your only option.

LASEK is quite similar to LASIK, but offers the benefits of the procedure to patients with thin corneas or dry eyes. Those conditions can make you a poor candidate for LASIK, which is where LASEK comes in.

The LASIK procedure requires using a small scalpel to create a flap in your cornea. This provides our eye doctor with the opening he needs to re-shape your cornea appropriately.

By contrast, LASEK creates the flap using just the very upper layer of your cornea. This makes it possible for our eye doctor to operate even if you have very thin corneas or dry eyes. As such, LASEK might be a better option for you.

Of course, the only way to know for sure which vision correction procedure is appropriate is to arrange a consultation at our office. Dr. Sambursky will thoroughly evaluate your vision and the structure of your eye to determine if LASEK is the right option.

If you live in the Binghamton, New York area and you want to see our eye doctor about LASEK or other vision correction options, please call Dr. Daniel Sambursky at 877-333-0700 or contact us online for a consultation.

Patient Review

“I feel like I have a huge weight lifted off me now that I don't have to wear contacts or glasses.”