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What Are The Benefits of LASIK With Intralase?

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The basics of the LASIK procedure are well-known and quite simple: a small “window” is made in your cornea. A laser is then shined through that window to make minute adjustments to your cornea. The end result is outstanding vision.

But the “how” of that window has long been a question. How should the surgeon make the small incision in your cornea necessary to create the flap that allows access to the needed parts of your eye?

Dr. Sambursky uses an Intralase laser to make that incision. Traditionally, a LASIK doctor would use a small blade to create the corneal flap. However, Intralase has proven a significant improvement over traditional methods.

With Intralase, our Binghamton LASIK doctor can create a thinner corneal flap, which is an advantage for patients who used to be disqualified from LASIK due to thin corneas. Further, the laser also sterilizes nearby tissue while creating the flap, decreasing an already small risk of infection.

If you’re a Binghamton, New York-area resident with questions about LASIK, our doctor is happy to answer them. Please call Dr. Daniel Sambursky, M.D. today at or 877-333-0700 or contact us online.

Patient Review

“I feel like I have a huge weight lifted off me now that I don't have to wear contacts or glasses.”