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Newswoman Has On-Air Surgery for LASIK's 20th Anniversary

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On-Air Surgery for LASIK's 20th AnniversaryBinghamton-area LASIK eye doctor Daniel Sambursky, M.D., wants to applaud the lengths to which one newswoman went recently to illustrate the benefits of this procedure to her television-viewing audience.

Angela Marshall, an on-air reporter with ABC Fox Montana, told viewers that the forthcoming 20th anniversary of the LASIK procedure compelled her to seek out a nearby doctor and find out whether or not she was well-suited to the procedure.

“After years of replacing ripped contacts or fumbling for glasses, I made the decision to undergo surgery to correct my nearsightedness,” said Marshall, who had been wearing glasses since the fourth grade and then proceeded to soft contact lenses in high school.

The LASIK procedure, she said, has “since changed my life.”

The eye doctor whom Marshall visited outlined the various approaches to laser vision correction now available to patients nationwide, as well as how he was able to create a unique treatment to address Marshall’s eyes and vision issues. Her treatment was a type of custom LASIK that addressed her astigmatism.

Ultimately, Marshall’s procedure was completed in under 20 minutes.

Regardless of your unique vision challenges, Dr. Sambursky is a Binghamton-area LASIK eye doctor with the tools, training and experience to recommend the best vision treatment for you. To find out more, please call our eye doctor’s Binghamton LASIK office at 877-333-0700 to schedule your consultation. Dr. Sambursky also serves Elmira, Corning and Ithaca, New York.

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“I feel like I have a huge weight lifted off me now that I don't have to wear contacts or glasses.”