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LASIK Vision Correction

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LASIK Vision Correction is used to reduce or eliminate your need for contact lenses or glasses. During a LASIK procedure, your cornea is reshaped to correct nearsightednessastigmatism, and farsightedness.

Each of these vision problems occurs from the eye, the cornea, or the lens being shaped irregularly. LASIK uses a laser to reshape the cornea, allowing light to enter your eye differently, giving you better vision.

If you live in New York’s Southern Tier, including Binghamton, Ithaca, Corning or Elmira, the first step in correcting your vision problems with LASIK Vision Correction is scheduling an initial consultation with LASIK surgeon Dr. Sambursky. During your initial consultation, Dr. Sambursky will inform you about the procedure and answer any questions that you may have.

LASIK Vision CorrectionNext, Dr. Sambursky will perform an eye exam and test your eyes to determine if you are a good candidate for LASIK and if LASIK can correct your vision. After the exam and the tests, Dr. Sambursky can tell you what LASIK can correct and what results you can expect from the procedure.

On the day of the surgery, Dr. Sambursky will give you special numbing eye drops so that you won’t feel any discomfort. If you feel as though you will be extra sensitive during the procedure, Dr. Sambursky may give you an oral sedative. For the LASIK procedure, you will lie down directly under the laser and a special device will be fitted over your eye to keep your eyelids open.

Dr. Sambursky will then use a laser to create a flap in your cornea that is so thin you will not be able to see or feel it. While you have a your eye focused on a target, Dr. Sambursky will use a special tracking device to watch your eye and make small adjustments to your cornea. The procedure is usually finished in minutes and the flap is placed back over your eye where it heals very quickly, without any kind of sutures.

After the procedure, Dr. Sambursky will ask you to rest for a bit before having another person drive you home. After your LASIK procedure, you should avoid rubbing your eyes and strenuous activities, as these can affect how your eyes heal. After a couple days, you can return to work and other normal activities.

In order to fix your vision using LASIK Vision Correction, schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Sambursky. He performs LASIK on patients in Binghamton, Elmira, Corning and Ithaca, New York.

Patient Testimonial

“I feel like I have a huge weight lifted off me now that I don’t have to wear contacts or glasses.”