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Dr. Sambursky uses the new Intralase method to perform LASIK eye surgery in his New York LASIK offices. While LASIK and the Intralase method has been considered safe and effective to correct refractive vision problems, the Bureau of Naval Medicine has been hesitant to allow aviators to undergo laser eye surgery.

One of the reasons the naval officials have not approved LASIK for their aviators is because of the serious conditions naval aviators must endure. Whether it’s high g-forces, extremely high altitudes, windblasts, low temperatures, changes in air pressure, or very dry air, naval personnel have to be able to perform.

Recently, the Bureau of Naval Medicine allowed four aviators to undergo LASIK with the Intralase method. The Navy Program Manager for Refractive Surgery, Capt. Steve Schallhorn says “Wavefront guided LASIK using the Intralase method represents the best-of-the-best and is a truly advancement for critical Navy personnel whose sight is of utmost importance in their military duties.”

The first LASIK with Intralase procedure performed on a military pilot was performed at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego’s Refractive Surgery Center. Marine Capt. Michael Oginsky had the LASIK with Intralase procedure correct his vision, and just four hours after the surgery, he had gained 20/20 vision, and his eyesight continued to improve for 24-hours after the procedure.

Dr. Sambursky prefers to perform his LASIK procedures with the Intralase method because the results are far more precise, and the number of post-operative complications is much less with the all-laser LASIK procedure.

If you would like to learn more about the LASIK with Intralase procedure, please visit our Intralase page to see how use of the microkeratome blade has been eliminated and LASIK has been improved with the use of an all-laser Intralase method.

If you live anywhere in the Binghamton or Syracuse, New York area and you are considering LASIK, please contact us today to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Sambursky.  During your initial consultation, Dr. Sambursky will inform you all about your LASIK with Intralase procedure and answer all your questions about this exciting procedure.

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“I feel like I have a huge weight lifted off me now that I don’t have to wear contacts or glasses.”