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How Are Cataracts Treated?

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cataract is a clouding of your eye’s naturally clear lens, which is the part of your eye that allows you to change visual focus based on distance. The only solution, then, for Binghamton-area patients who visit eye doctor Daniel Sambursky for cataract treatment is a removal of the lens.

The cataract cannot simply be precisely targeted and removed. It can be broken up using high-energy sound waves, but that also results in the end of your natural lens. Fortunately, it can be replaced.

After breaking up the cataract, our Binghamton eye doctor will implant an intra-ocular lens, or IOL. The IOL will serve as a replacement for your natural lens and should restore your vision to something approaching 20/20.

With LenSx® Cataract Surgery, Dr. Sambursky can safely and efficiently accomplish all of this using a computer-controlled, bladeless technique. The procedure is exceptionally safe, and Dr. Sambursky has decades of experience helping patients like you restore their vision.

Cataracts are associated with age, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with them. Cataract surgery can achieve extraordinary goals.

If you live in or around the Binghamton, New York area and you need an eye doctor you can trust, please call Dr. Daniel Sambursky at 877-333-0700 or contact us online for a consultation.

Patient Review

“I feel like I have a huge weight lifted off me now that I don't have to wear contacts or glasses.”