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Martin’s Story: A Life Changed by LASIK

There are countless examples of regular people who have had their lives transformed by a 15-minute laser corrective surgery with Daniel Sambursky, MD. Read the story of one of them here:

Meet Martin

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Martin was diagnosed with nearsightedness (myopia) when he was 11, and dutifully wore glasses ever since. He’s a hard-working 27-year-old landscape manager from just outside of Binghamton, NY. Through the earlier years of his adult life, Martin never minded wearing glasses, but he would never say he “liked” it. According to Martin, “I would say that glasses were definitely not convenient, but they just seemed like the kind of thing I needed to learn to live with.”

When he started working as a landscape manager, Martin’s glasses began to become a larger struggle. He had the choice of putting safety goggles over his glasses or taking them off when working with the equipment, which was dangerous. As someone who worked primarily outdoors, Martin found that they fogged up a lot, and he had trouble seeing when he was working hard and when it was raining. He had to spend extra money on prescription sunglasses.

His glasses began to become a real obstacle to his day to day work: “I knew I needed to make a change if I was going to get anywhere in this business.”

Exploring the Possibility of LASIK

According to Martin: “I’d always heard about LASIK from people who had great experiences with it, but never really considered it for myself.” LASIK had just never been on his radar – until a coworker showed up at work on Monday without his glasses. He talked about how he had gotten a laser corrective surgery on the previous Friday, and on Monday, he had 20/20 vision.

Watching a member of his team work unencumbered by prescription eyewear was the push that Martin needed to set up a consultation with Dr. Sambursky. “I was shocked at how simple and affordable the process was when I was learning about it. That’s not what I expected at all.”

Martin set up an appointment for the week after his consultation. The team at Daniel Sambursky, MD had walked him through the process of screening and the procedure beforehand, so he knew exactly what to expect. According to him, the surgery was quick and painless. “It was about 15 minutes and all I felt was pressure.”

The Opportunity for a New Life

After his surgery, Martin reported that recovery wasn’t difficult at all. He wore his glasses for a day and a half before taking them off and being able to see clearly without eyewear for the first time ever. The only regret he had? “Not considering LASIK earlier,” says Martin. “If I’d known how much easier it was going to make my life, I would’ve definitely considered it already.”

Are you interested in life-changing LASIK? Contact the team at Daniel Sambursky, MD today to learn more or set up a LASIK consultation!

Patient Review

“I feel like I have a huge weight lifted off me now that I don’t have to wear contacts or glasses.”